Doing What’s Right For Our Team

Showing our appreciation for those who don’t get the spotlight, the Heart of House (our kitchen team).

We think that it’s essential that when we make a change of this magnitude, we include you, our valued guests and fans, by letting you know what is going on with a thoughtful explanation.

Beginning June 6th, we’re introducing a 2% Heart of House (kitchen team) Appreciation fee to the guest check that will directly benefit our Heart of House (HOH) team. This fee is calculated on food only. Despite providing jobs that pay above “the living wage” we struggle with the equitable disparities between service and kitchen staff since everyone in our hearths and industry alike works equally hard to provide our guests with a great experience.

The Heart of House Appreciation Fee allows all kitchen team members to also benefit from the top-line success of the hearth. They feel the love from you as their living wages increase. Every cent of the 2% goes directly to each of our HOH team members. We have chosen to pursue the Appreciation Fee as opposed to an across-the-board menu increase as we believe it is 100% transparent to you as well as memorializes this endeavor keeping us honest in our intent. We thank you, they thank you! We hope that this initiative gains traction throughout our communities and that it enjoys support from you, our community and beyond.

Please do not hesitate to engage our management team with any questions or concerns you may have. We are all more than happy to chat with you about it. We are grateful for you for choosing Flatbread Company!

Flatbread Company

The Bedford Story

Bedford Massachusetts… A beautiful campus setting was converted from office space to retail and we were one of the first to become part of it. Flatbread Company resides right on the Bedford/Burlington line in a watershed area called Vine Brook. Some of the most exciting things to come out of our hearths in the last few years have come out of this building. This hearth is not boring!

Keep Each Other Well, Jay


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Get it Half-Baked!

Order your #WoodFiredLove “Half-Baked” by us; finish it in your oven for hot, crispy flatbread anytime! Select this option under cooking instructions when ordering.

Our Community Bakes: Pizza With Purpose!

Part of our mission at Flatbread Company is to support local organizations that have an impact on our community. The primary way that we accomplish this is through our community benefit nights that are held every Tuesday at each of our hearths.

Click to learn more and complete our Community Bakes: Pizza With Purpose! application.

Keep each other well

Join The Bedford Flatbread Team

At Flatbread Company, we believe that employment and advancement is based on your enthusiasm, skills and performance; not politics.  Your gender, your gods, your sex life, your skin color, the fact that you’re a grandparent or who you know don’t make a difference to us. If you are community orientated, believe in supporting local farms, serving real food, empathetic, passionate, smart and good at what you do – come as you are!   We believe diversity should be celebrated which commits us to creating a respectful, inclusive environment for all team members.  If you believe as we do in a workplace that keeps each other well while renewing our spirit and doing a little something to save our planet, then apply today!

Group of Bedford Employees in front of Earth Oven
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